Secrets of My Diary: #2. Realization

People are crazy and times are strange
I used to care but things have changed
This little infinity of ours
For the fault in our stars
Let go off the invidious thoughts
Still relying on the lone forwards
Into the  of hurried wayward
For the heart implies the awkward
Knowing what I want
Preferring what I need
Subtle will be the partitions of life
That day will distance all my strife.


6 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #2. Realization

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    1. Yeah, that was me. I have never read any of his novels. I too read less. Or almost don’t read. I don’t like reading would be more true.
      Fights are love.
      I’m getting jealous a bit.
      mera bhi waqt aayega… 😛

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        1. I don’t like reading as a wastage of a time. At least it must benefit me in some way or the other.
          So, I throttled my intentions to be on pure and bought it straight from Flipkart. As I am a romantic writer, I intended to learn romanticism and portray it in Halal way. Thanks for the suggestion tho. 🙋😊

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            1. I know nothing is halal therein. That’s why I said, “I will portray the romanticism in a Halal way, just how I do it with my “Mizaaj e Ishq”.
              I did not know about the poem thing tho. Thanks again. 😋

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