Story of a Poet: #4. Back in Time-To December

Whenever the cool breeze strike my cheeks
With an abrupt fear among the geeks
I tactile its lingering awesomeness
Beyond the shredded barrenness
Beautification of which causes me a mime
And I go back to December all the time.

Whenever clouds roar amidst hailstorms
To wake the buds off their norms
With that atmosphere of dilemma and lime
I go back to December all the time.

Whenever the night arises
A diligent whisper mesmerizes
I shiver to and fro to know
Without letting my repletes show
With that feeling of one sublime
I go back to December all the time.


14 thoughts on “Story of a Poet: #4. Back in Time-To December

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      1. hahaha… I had to check them all!! Maan what if I missed all these?? :O That’s not right… these are too good to be left out! 😉
        I have to finish my exams yet!! but your post notifications pulled me to my blog again! 😛

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        1. Hahaa….you’ve always been so kind to me…from day 1 I suppose. 😉
          Yeah. Good luck with exams ..haan…
          I wish I could help you into coming back each time I’m Here Right Here 🙂

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  1. I can’t believe you haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s Back to December!! It’s a beautiful song, but I think your poem leaves that in doubt!


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    1. The desire to listen to music has faded with a lot of hard-fought situations. I don’t want to get my self involved in haraam beyond my wish.
      Sometimes I am a lot tempted to listen to a song. In those moments I make sure that sin remains only between me and Allah.
      And thank you so much for the appreciation. I’m always glad to see you comment. 🙂
      Belissimo is what? Spanish, I think. 😕


      1. That’s a very beautiful reason. It’s definitely the better way to live!! May Allah continues to give you the strength, and me too!
        I’m glad to be reading your posts, it’s great to be inspired.
        (Italiano! I think it’s a pretty word for beautiful!)


  2. nice. Sometimes a month becomes significant for all sorts of reasons.
    I like how your words are taking all of us back to December all the time.
    Reminded me of something I wrote some time ago about November rain 🙂

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    1. You’re absolutely right.
      A lot can happen over a month.
      And I like how you appreciate my work. 🙂
      Give me the link of that rainy stuff. Please. I love rain to be honest.


        1. Haven’t listened to it. And as of now, I’ll never listen to it. Or else my poem will go in vain.
          Mr. Ahmad Jamal would have been more soothing. A little, isn’t bad either.

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