Story of a Poet: #9. ~Sometimes you need to~

Sometimes you need
To drop your time
In solitude to have
A better say
At your foregoes.
Sometimes you need
To have a rife
Of soliloquies
In your prime time
For amelioration
Of your sins.
Sometimes in the middle
Of a prodigy
There comes
A time when you have
To go with the competence.
Sometimes you need
To step up
And propel yourself
Fetching your heart out
At the proficient prognostication.
Sometimes you need
To set your minds
On incarnation
Of your virtues
To deliberation.
Sometimes you need
To ascertain yourself
On inferring silence
To be the veridical extrapolation.
Sometimes you need
To let go
Off the invidious comparisons
Of the multitudes who
Aid not your subsistence.


10 thoughts on “Story of a Poet: #9. ~Sometimes you need to~

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    1. Hehe…
      When I was a kid at poetry I used to think that poem mean ‘unique words’. Haha…
      You are seeing an old Ahmad (pun intended).
      And yes, we do need to let go of the old, to create space for new things, new people to enter into our lives. Thank you. You’re really kind. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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