Story of a Poet: #15. ~Please don’t hate me!~

Love me or Hate Me !
But please don leave me.

You know the kind of person I am.
I need space to exist.
When I won’t find any,
I would better opt to leave.
I won’t try to fit in.

You knew this from the day since you have known me.
But, I would make sure if you’re happier without me.

I know I am not a nice person.
I too have certain things to do in my life.
But,I don’t care what you think about me.

Call it my ego.
Call it my attitude.
Call me rude,
Or you can call me bad.
But nothing’s gonna make any difference.
I’m definitely not the person I was a year go.

I haven’t changed.
I would still think about you.
If you ever rang me at midnight
My heart would still beat
As in the past it did.
I would still skip a breath one or two
But I’ll never hate myself for loving you.

And remember you in all my prayers.
I still care.
I just don’t show.
But I don’t like doing those little things anymore;
Because for you,
Little things have no importance.

I haven’t stopped caring,
I just stopped showing it.
You know the path I chose,
And I know its hard to walk upon
But I have to go.
Please don’t hate me.
Remember me as a person who once was,
A person who once did everything
Just to make you smile
And be the reason behind it.

Please don’t hate me.
I just don’t want to hurt you anymore.
You deserve something a lot better and more.
Remember me in your prayers.
I’ll be waiting for you after I die,
Into the life hereafter and I won’t lie.

But, Please don’t hate me!!!
Please don’t hate me!!!


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