Story of a Poet: #21. ~The only thing I regret: Growing Up~


I always knew what I was to miss as I grow old.
Those simple letters in poor hand-writing
Onto the sheets that appear as mold
That darned into places worth remembering.

I am living a dream.
Into heaven I’ve been sleeping
Since years as long as twenty.
It’s just an insight of my vision
That continues to grow beyond imperfections.

I am totally unaware of
The places I have been put forth.
I know not what is life,
But I came across all kinds of strife.

As a little child I was created on earth
I wondered what are other planets for.
I would go to school daily
Passing the exams unknowingly.
What to the exam of this life?
Somethings we know not.
Something we know not.


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