Story of a Poet: #24. ~You were someone…I never knew!~

You are someone I won’t forget till my last,
For you were my best friend of the past.
One thing I loved the most was
The colorless circle turning green,
I never knew if you ever realized, 
To talk to you how much I was keen.
Waiting for you was always the best of my art.
Those sleepless nights are now to depart.
The dreams of us creating history
Are now good only to build up a story.
Millions in the sky outclass the moon’s beauty,
You my friend, were the maiden cutie.
Whenever you wished to smile, I gave my everything,
For you, expectations of mine were thorns by the sting.
Now that you can never have me,
You suddenly need me.
Now that I’m so far gone,
You say please come back I’m all alone.
Now that the distance is way too long,
You say you’re sorry for being wrong.
What If I had never let you go,
Would you be the one I used to know. 
To make you smile was always my first priority,
To hurt you, was always my last.
Was patient on everything that kept scorching when on bed,
I TRIED hard, but now I’m DEAD. 

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