Story of a Poet: #25. ~Romanticism of Life~

You have counted a splendid one for me
I’m now a grown up boy for thee
Steadfast faced ; among the Great
I’m not a pie to be on date

This is the time when one’s heart sink
When you see her, eyes automatically wink

She has thrived in me, an utmost influence
Whenever I catch her with no effective sense
The land appears heaven she passes through
Even all the scent of Arabia cannot be that true

She is the master-piece of God’s art
Her existence on this earth is to be my life’s part
Angels too are a bit in haste
For she is not just their copy-paste

However pretty she looks ; but she never looks
Moreover: she kept on interacting with her books
For this nitty-gritty of love is from past few years
Never uttered anything that could thrust into her ears

I know, she knows nothing on a note personal up-to the brim
For she is still ravished with the blessings of Him

My love she omits as a willful one; though half-a-wholly it be holy
Willy-nilly ; apart from tears shedding, half way falling; I would rather be a jolly



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