Story of a Poet: 26. ~The Last Day of my SCHOOL, The Last Night of that LIFE!~

The Last Night‘ , I eventually sat with my books ope;
Pondering continuously over the last day’s hope.
Suddenly I belittled my books while being on study-table,
Read few endeth lastly verses as always, of corpus of my half-lived-life’s fable .

Made an effortless effort to lift up my favorite pen;
Thoughts in my mind were just for now-and-then.
In a sorrowful tune I began,
Wrote something ; for I knew I can.
Was so curious searching for the page so whet,
To sleep now‘ ,as I shut my Notebook when that page got wet.

Confused was I on instants in my dream,
Woke up so early, when the sun too wasn’t agleam.
Mom-Dad’s wishes were quite deliberate.
My responds struck into my throat and they considered me a reprobate.
Feelings unkind to them; for once being so desperate,
Wished not to speak and let my utterances exaggerate.

Probably it was the end of an era with the last exam
Just had a pair of bread with mixed taste of butter and jam
I attired in just like as I never did
Still had longings in my heart , but wasn’t able to bid
Reached late for I hardly wished to speak
But it was never enough to escape those ill guys’ notorious  at peak
Sat quiet in a mood pretending sober and meek;
For I knew their minds had a leak

Watching the passer-by curiously as if for the first time
Had rigors with furiosity as if committed a crime
Last time seeking ruffed-and-stuffed faces of my mates
Departing from such a a great company , a non-endurable pain it creates
Perhaps it was the saddest day of my happy, cool life
Tried not to be zealous, neither smiled nor laughed nor accepted strife

Time called upon us to the hall ; Faces conveyed that of a gall
Went to wash my face, eventually turning out to be last of all
Entered the arena keeping my eyes down, but others’ aroused till my sitting
I wasn’t presentable and others predicted me to be crying

That unprecedented concentration continuously working on my prescribed job
Left me amazed with no grasp of sob
Hardly had I finished my job of waffling
When I again began thinking as astonishing

Now was the time when we were off to depart
Had a few hand-shakes without breaking my silence, was an art
Somebody stopped me as I was steadily hasting
Gave a pair of long-lasting ; for in the school , it was our last meeting

Something devastating happened as on my way back home
Need not emit , for to your ears it won’t be a plume
Escaped and flew quickly as hard as I could
Did everything except what I really should
Forgot the departing processions
Experienced loss of all my heavenly possessions

Threw-off my school-bag, for the first time in my life being so intensely stressed
Appeared like a corpse, when on my bed I collapsed
With my intangible head abnegated by my soggy pillow
Wiped-off my tears after a little while finding no sign for my bellow

Sat for hours after raising my tremulous head
Bit Ashamed, Sad and Tearful with my mood
Pontificating with my day’s sad thoughts drowning ahead
Steered my eyes gazing upon my footwear, being still as I dressed



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