Finding Verities: #1. What is Imaan (Faith)?

Imaan is that feeling of one’s heart with which he/she remembers Allah. Many people remember Allah but not everybody has the same feeling. That means a few feel more and a few, less,and a few doesn’t even care about how they feel. That surely represents how much you’re in love with Allah.
For instance being good to poor, helping them, giving charity are the best of human natures. But, firstly you are considering them poor, low in dignity and that they should be much dependent upon the rich people in the society than their Creator. Secondly, at the same time all those good deeds can turn into show-off surely because of the people around us. You can’t hide the money you’ve earned. You can’t shy those of the people around you. You can change your appearance, wear simple clothes, walk meekly, but the moment you insert your hand into your pocket everyone’s going to know what you are.

560222_926473924042989_192229535171204663_nSo, you can’t stop people from watching you do all those good deeds mentioned above. And you need a strong Imaan(Faith) to be able to even think about it that if it even matters anyone watching you. Yes, it does because it’s impossible to not not feel proud when people are watching you all the way through.
Now turns in the belief that whether or not you’re doing those deeds to really help people and be purely amicable at heart or as a show-off. When so many are watching you, your faith might tremble a bit. At some point in time you’ll feel this in the same heart that there’s nothing wrong in the fame you’re recognized with and the people knowing you all the way.
For this sole reason you need Imaan(Faith) in Allah. And that whatever good you’re doing to people is only for His sake. It will save you from becoming arrogant at any point in time. And you’ll be much happier at heart than ever before.


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