Finding Verities: #2. What is Namaz(Salah)?

Salah is an invocation and submission to:
Allah (Sub’haa_nahu Wa Ta_aa’la means May he be glorified and exalted”).

Salah is a method to purify oneself of the sins one commits.
Salah is bowing low before Allah(S.W.T.) so that one should not be proud of his stature because of the worldly affairs.
Salah is devoting oneself to the oneness of Allah(S.W.T.) and accepting the truth that Allah(S.W.T.) is the sole Creator and nothing lies beyond Him.
Salah is the best way to talk to Allah(S.W.T.) and ask for His help.
Salah is the inner peace of one’s heart that lies surely in the remembrance of Allah(S.W.T.).

Suppose you don’t want to pray; then what else are you going to do to let Allah(S.W.T.) know that you love Him.
The can be two reasons why one doesn’t pray:
Firstly, one doesn’t know the rewards and benefits one’s going to receive.
Secondly, one isn’t afraid; afraid of both Allah(S.W.T.) and death.
Have we not been enough disobedient?
Have we not lived enough in our ways?
Do we not need Allah(S.W.T.)?
How can we call ourselves Muslim when we don’t prostrate to Allah(S.W.T.).
Shaitaan(Iblees) refused one Sajdah, but to Prophet Adam(A.S.).
We denied plenty of them and that too to Allah(S.W.T.).
Do not the servants bow low to their King?
And who is a greater King than Allah(S.W.T.)?

Hazrat Umar Ibn’ Khat’tab(RadiAllahu Anhu) said, “Namaz is that one thing which distinguishes between a believer and a dis-believer.”
And Allah(S.W.T.) mentioned in the Quran, “Those Who Pray Shall Have Nothing to Fear on the Day of Judgment.”

Prophet Muhammad attained His prophet hood through Wa’hee(i.e., Divine message of Allah(S.W.T.) which the angel Jibreel conveyed).
But to give Prophet Muhammad the gift of Namaz, Allah(S.W.T.) conveyed the message directly to his face in His own voice by calling him upon His Arsh.
And you still think Namaz has been ordained just!

If you don’t have a lot of money to go for Hajj; you’re excused.
If you don’t have the strength to fast; you’re excused.
If you don’t earn much to give Zakat(Religious Tax); you’re excused.
But, you’re never excused of the Salah(Namaz).
If you can’t stand and pray, pray sitting down.
If you can’t sit and pray, pray laying down.
If you can’t lay and pray, pray with your fingers.
Even if you can’t pray with your fingers, pray with your eyes.
And if you can’t pray with your eyes, you’re definitely a dead.
So, will you not wake up someday?



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