Secrets of My Diary: #22. If Allah loves me; I don’t care who hates.

You missed me?
Yes you did!
You missed me?
Thanks anyways; but nobody does that now.

Two years back I woke up at Tahajjud(Mid-night Prayer, said to have an upbringing of direct conversation with Allah-The Almighty); and asked Allah to make you mine.
You might not be a part of my life today, but I certainly found someone whom I lost way back in time – Allah Az’zawa_jaal.

Sometimes a little difference makes a great impact; and a great impact makes just a little difference.
He not only made me His, but took every care of me in every kind whenever I needed someone. When I was so helpless and dragged into isolation, He constantly talked to me through my own heart. And I’m happy I woke up that night.
And the one who truly loves me, won’t ever question my heart,.is what I learnt to keep forever.




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