Secrets of My Diary: #23. ~I choose: To Think Again~

Choosing between two rights is quite easy when you are lazy enough to extract one. And choosing between two wrongs is the hardest of life’s protocol. But, choosing between the contrasts of right and wrong is humanity.
Sometimes I wonder a lot. I don’t care if I’m fathomed by my overt thinking. I just start to wonder, ponder and when I place my eyes on my watch, it counts 4:00AM most of the times.
I would think why do I think so much.
My instincts answer me with no delay. That is, to choose.



7 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #23. ~I choose: To Think Again~

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  1. We think a lot because we tend to explore the latent meanings.. Thinking allows us to understand those hidden emotions and realities. We tend to ponder mostly when we are alone, that way we understand ourselves and the people around us better. I guess its sort of fun as well, lost in a world of our own.
    But still, over thinking is harmful too !

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    1. Exactly the same that I entrust myself to. 🙂
      But, I still am in a dilemma of the way it can be harmful.
      I bet I would believe you engraving my soul if you could pen me down one consequence of over thinking.

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      1. I can think of many the moment I write this.
        1. We tend to keep on thinking, without taking an appropriate course of action. We only keep on thinking of doing it , than actually doing it.
        2. The one who is habitual of muling, tends to live in a world of his/her own , ignoring the family and friends. S/he becomes aloof from the people around over a time and prefers to be left alone.
        3. Over thinking on tricky and problematic issues leads to stress. One keeps on thinking about one consequence or the other, instead of deciding promptly the final decision.
        4. A/h starts giving attention to issues which otherwise don’t deserve much attention. Thus, wastes previous time instead of making it productive.
        5. S/he tends to wander away to her/his own world while listening to lectures in class or simply talking to someone. As a consequence misses important parts of conversation.
        Oh..I could write a post on this topic 😉

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