Secrets of My Diary: #24. ~I’m better off alone~

Darkness is prevailing in this lone room even when the sun is high. I’ve lived alone like it before but now is the time when it feels like I’m bounded by the walls on a roundabout disclaimer of many such things that could make me feel low.
Moreover its a brand new place but of replenishing happiness. Don’t have anyone to talk. No one to text: and no phone calls.
I’ve been learning to live like it from quite some time. I can’t just rely upon some miracles to happen. Someone is going to walk into my life and make me feel better is just a vain thought. I am not doing anything to gain sympathy from people. I can’t force people to love me. Some are there who will love you no matter how much you ask them to leave.
I have come alone; and will definitely go alone. I believe in doing things on my own. I have my own assets well-stratified still in happy-go-lucky mood.
So Letting the sun sink deep
and the moon in a bleak,
Let the darkness prevail !


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