Secrets of My Diary: #25. ~I don’t miss the old you; but, the old me.~

No matter how good a person may become.
No matter how better he has changed into.
No matter if he has the best of the paths of life to walk on.

Some people are going to be there who just won’t like him. They will always judge him for what he once was.

That old little crap who was worthless of all the affection he has today.
That old little fool who was never sure of what are the things happening in his life.
That old little kid who never learned a paragraph that fast at which his life has taken him into.
Such will be their beguiling thoughts in utmost lucency.

I’m not asking you to stop judging him. I just say he has stopped caring instead and perhaps he has grown up.
He is no more the guy who would be so confused at eighteen that he would require somebody else’s opinions. He is twenty now; out from his teen age.

So, I decided it that day that I’m eventually going to change my life. And once I change I’ll never look back. I’m born to express and not to impress. And in the end, not everyone’s going to like me; because not everyone has the eyes that see the good in people.
So, I just stitched myself to make some changes with my life. And all those people who were never going to hear me in the future must assure themselves that they were one of those.

Old bonds break to form new bonds. Even chemistry teaches us this fact. I think you understand better than how I speak.

I’m very least worried actually of the people I’m losing in my life. I’ve already lost a lot of people in the past who promised to stay with me until my last breath. May be they believed I’m no more alive. That’s how I had learnt this in my life that anyhow this thing had to have happened with me at some point.

Everyone I know, goes away in the end.
As I know everyone goes away in the end.



8 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #25. ~I don’t miss the old you; but, the old me.~

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  1. True that!
    I agree with both the points raised by you from experience. I really hurts when one sees people who were so close to you turn jealous and start behaving like foes when you start doing better than them..or simply when they think cant bear your achievements.
    And secondly, its the golden rule of a happy life that one should not expect anything from anyone. Do what you think is right and don’t expect the fruits to be too sweet. That seldom happens .
    And Of course, you weaved these thoughts beautifully into words.
    Good night 🙂

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    1. Thanks again.😋
      I have gone through your blog a lot of times since I found it. Your style of writing is a little better than mine I guess.
      But, just a little haaaan. 😒
      Continue with the good work; and stay connected here.
      Sweet dreams. 😶

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  2. Very expressive. I see you have learnt to cope up with the lows of life pretty well. Keep it up! People will indeed judge others as they want to see it and one can’t even stop them from. What we can do is to alter our own thoughts and pay attention to what people who really care for us think.
    Good day!

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    1. First of all thank you so very much for the precious compliment. This is what turns us on (well I’m not too sure about everyone, but to me it does 😉 ).
      You hit the bull’s eye in guessing my vain thoughts. No one can stop them from doing non-sense.
      But, we don’t even need to alter our thoughts even. What’s good will follow.
      This was the point of my post that in the very end, all those people who once wished all the good for us would eventually start hating us when we achieve it.
      And please its an advice, really an advice that must be shouldered- Never expect anything from anyone. It would hurt the most because something which we are ready to do for someone won’t follow back to us with the same zeal and zest ever. People just can’t do what we can do for them!
      Good Night!

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    1. I’m so happy to have got that compliment from you. Thanks a lot for stopping by and taking your time to actually read!
      I’m just trying to do justice with my feelings and thoughts in putting them into words. 😊
      Stay connected!

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