Secrets of My Diary: #28. You need someone. But, who?

There are people who deserve to be happy. There are people who are sad. There are people who lived and died.
Everyone you meet in life is fighting a battle. Everyone has a story. Everyone thinks his/her story is the most prominent of all. Everyone is in fantasy.

At times we just want to speak up! Or want someone to hear what we are feeling inside! No matter how strong you pretend to be, for the whole day! But, when the lights are out, you wish you had someone. Just to open your heart. To say what you feel without thinking of the consequences to follow! And its often said, sorrows are best shared with strangers.

You do it for a reason. You have a weak heart. You can’t keep everything within. You need a partner. A listener is better though. And an adviser would be a nail in the coffin.

Allah says in the Quran: “We have created you in pairs”.
So, my point of juggling around in this post is that you will get attracted to people of opposite sex. Its in human nature. Despite all these temptations and desires, Allah knows the righteous people will resist themselves from wrong doings and spoiling anyone’s life.

See, its so basic. The Islamic principles teach us to get married by 20-22. At least people will refrain themselves from ruining anyone else’s life.

You want girlfriend at eighteen; and you know for what purpose.
But, you can’t wait for a couple of years more and end up into a relationship of a lifetime.

There are two kinds of lovers in this world.
First, who find every single way to have sex in their relationship. And secondly, those who find every single way to have a relationship.

Choice is all ours.
When we don’t want our sister, our mother, our daughter, our aunt or our cousin to have an illegal relationship or to have sex illegally with a random man, then its our sole responsibility to stop ourselves from the same.


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