Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 11


I did not deserve any better; and she did not deserve any less.


11 thoughts on “Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 11

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        1. Haha…jz yun hi tha…mazak 😜😜
          But I really do need help. I want to write better. Can you help? Please!
          At least with the kind of words I should use and into which direction I shall take the conversation ?

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          1. Frankly, I like it just as they are. Also, I have noticed you strive to better the conversations with each post , using synonyms for monotonous words like ‘said’ for eg
            When you yourself are making efforts to improve it, then its more than enough.
            Also, as to direction- you are the creator and I’m the reader. So that tendency in me makes enjoy how it originally is, than ,thinking how it could be better. I like the two dialogs flow as it already is. No improvement needed from my side.

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            1. True to every word. 🙂
              You understand my thoughts well. Not bad. 😛
              I am trying something different again with the conversations.
              Hopefully it might turn out to be good, as this chain is. 🙂
              Happy to have found a reader like you.

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