Secrets of My Diary: #29. ~Its not a love story~


My first advancement with words is not what uplifts my moments of deliberations, but that which touches your beauty, your style to an extent I just can’t drain away from my mind.
I often feel staid upon the feeling of love; but, surely not upon love on the whole.
I had tried a lot to make up my mind of dire atrocity that brings in a brand new tableau of love right before my swanking eyes. Its just an incense burning deep inside this little heart of mine that reverberates sparks undying to visit her mind continuously from my uttermost frightening word like hailstorms.
What else can I wish for! Relying by the intensity that relishes my thoughts to crave for more or nothing at all is just a vain hindsight.
If ever I had to choose between you and me. I won’t choose you. I won’t choose me. You sure you know what am I going to do? I will add another choice of either taking everything with you or taking me with you wholely.
Why I would give you a triplet of choices is not the question of the hour? Not wanting you to go and still have you as a strong part of my life is!

That’s why I like not this life. That’s why I long not for this strife.

All I have to say is wait. Just wait.
Somewhere between reality and all that we had ever dreamt of.

So I proclaim to say:

Its not a love story.
Its a story about love.
Because love stories often end,
But love never does.


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