Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 13


I was created. You were created.
And Allah planned our destiny to be one
Long before we were created.


11 thoughts on “Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 13

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          1. Hahha. I thought you would reply I’m so damn romantic that’s my poems are so romantic . So my poetry could not be appreciated without appreciating my nature. Lolll..Anyways nice to know that you are cool too 😉

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        1. Exactly the same thing that comes into my mind. 🙂
          And then I end up convincing myself but for the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal’lahu A’laihi_wa’sal’lam.
          Jannah is such that no eye has seen, neither anyone has heard about how it shall be nor anyone can even imagine how it would be.
          I have a very good imagination by the way; but, I just can’t imagine how Jannah would look like.
          May Allah let us all enter Jannah. Aameen 🙂

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