Raah e Khuda: #3. ~Main sajde mein…~

I really fascinate writing these short poetry. It makes me dwell in those imaginations again and again. It makes me think over and over again about the same perpetuation about time.
What’s more connecting is the flow of the words I try to inhale with the appropriate gestures in them. I try my hardest to do justice to put into words exactly what I do think. But, I just can’t help.

I hope this one breaks all the chains.
So here again I begin:

Main sajde mein jab jaaun
                                                                                    Payaam tera hota haii
Dua mein haath uthte hain
                                                                                Naam tera hota haii
            Laakh toot jaaun ya
                                                                                Tod diya jaaun main
Bikhar ke jab bhi girta hun
                                                                                      Makaam tera hota haii

In sujood whenever I reside
Its only You by my side
Hands when raised to supplicate
Its only Your name I dictate
No matter lacs of times I break apart
Or get broken to someone’s art
Shattered into pieces whenever I fall
The home is only Yours I call



10 thoughts on “Raah e Khuda: #3. ~Main sajde mein…~

Add yours

    1. haha….the translation thing is for both, to relatively ease the readers for any tough word; and to get a good Urdu and English combo of rhymes.
      I am highly bound to your words of appreciation. 🙂 Thank You. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The rhyme scheme of both Urdu and English is so stunning!
    Such thoughts, such lines, such simplicity.. This is something unreal, you know? It’s am-ay-h-zh-in-g. The structure of this word explains what effect it has produced.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’ti taareef…. I am gonna get mad at you now. 😀
      One of the best compliments I had ever had. Thanks for being one to motivate.
      The structure of your word (am-ay-h-zh-in-g) was so aptly put to abscond all the thoughts of my poem to one rhyme scheme. That was so entrapping. 🙂


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