Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 14


If he gets angry at you, be even sweeter to him.
That’s what Allah loves. That’s what He expects from us.
That’s what marriages are for.

If everything remains perfect and constant then what do we yearn for?
And where do we learn from?

Note: Meanwhile I realized I missed my all time favorite section of posts- ‘Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers’.
Well! I think I should restrict it to a number that counts to 15; 13 probably wasn’t seeming good and 14 wasn’t either. 🙂

PS- This post was in mind since a long time. I so much wanted to get it done. :p


2 thoughts on “Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 14

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    1. No good comes easy. How about the best then!
      It has to happen or else one will never know the actual definition of the love that resides in a human heart.
      This’s what has killed us, humans, in all these years. 🙂
      I wonder when would one understand the real meaning of a relationship.
      May be after reading my novel. 😉

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