Raah e Khuda: #4. ~Mere Maula_Aye Maula…~

This one is really very close to my heart. I hope it turns out to be the best of the four. Simple crew of words to adorn my feelings in a simple Ghazal.
Yeah, this is what’s gradually called – a Ghazal.

So, here again I come
With a poem to undone
My thoughts, my feelings
And your reprises all alone. ☺

Mere Maula_Aye Maula main kehta raha
Apne daaman ko khushiyon se bharta raha

Haii farishton ki toli mere chaaron suu
Haan Madeene-Madeene main chalta raha

Jab se aaqa ka aks_hua haii mujhko nazar
Mera dil ba’khabar__ba’asar ho gaya

Jab se jhukne lage ham tere saamne
Jo nahi tha mera_Wo mera ho gaya

My Majesty! O Majesty I kept on blabbing
My inner folds with felicity I kept on filling

Bunch of angels dwell all around me
Yeah! Towards Medina I kept on advancing

The vestige of my master since had I witnessed
Renowned and influenced turned my heart’s feelings.

Since had I started bowing low, across you My Lord
That which wasn’t mine, persisted by my side twisting



10 thoughts on “Raah e Khuda: #4. ~Mere Maula_Aye Maula…~

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  1. beautifully said Saiz!
    “Jab se jhukne lage ham tere saamne …”
    in one sense it sounds like a Bollywood melodramatic song. but yes when thinking of it in terms of prostration to the almighty, or even equating it to the devotion to a very beloved human being …
    such devotion, such reverence is just mind-blowing.
    it touched my very soul 🙂

    this is completely an obligation free feedback. truly truly very beautiful prose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a beauty laced comment. I smiled so wide that my shyness had me flying high.
      Yeah. It does seem like a bollywood song because most of those songs are written by Muslim lyricists. And they use kufr words which they know not if they did. Sad.
      I wrote it in devotion to Allah.
      I am glad it touched your soul. I think my job’s done.
      I understand your feeling. And trust me, I believe you. Thank you so much.
      Keep reading. 🙂
      Happy to have found a generous reader here.


  2. End blows the mind away! It is wise to be humble. I know you wrote it in a different context but that’d what I took from it. To serve the humanity and leave pride and materialism ❤ Then only we can attain bliss 😊

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    1. Very beautiful comment btw. 🙂
      I too love the endeth verses.
      My context was to safeguard our modesty for the sake of our Creator; and not to impress the creations.
      To leave pride and materialism you first of all need to make sure there’s someone above you who’s much more powerful than you in all the aspects.
      As of being good for no reason, how long will it stay? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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