Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 15

So, as you can see, the number 15 is here.
It’s really saddening for me to end this segment here in. But, I had to do it to safeguard its integrity.

Honestly speaking, I’ll come up with something similar, yet different.

Indeed, I tried my hardest again to end it upon a high note. I shall leave your comments decide that perhaps.
I just hope you really get the context of it. 😉


“The Saiz Quote”:

She loved me enough.
Enough to make me a hopeless romantic.
Enough to keep me alive after death.
And enough to have me forever this way.


19 thoughts on “Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers @Photext 15

Add yours

    1. Heeheh…. I told you already. Do spend some time on my blog and you’ll know it why. :-\
      You are on my mind really with such wonderful praises. 😛
      I can’t thank you enough for this. Seriously. 😉


  1. I love them a lot, try writing more of these.. or at least a new type maybe, somewhat related to these!!! 😛 Subhaaan Allah the Hoor of Jannah, what about the Queen of the Hoor of Jannah?? The man’s own wife? She will be even more beautiful!!! May Allah grant us these positions in Jannah!! Aameen!!

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