Story of a Poet: #32. ~I’ll wait for you~

Read slow.
Perhaps you will love it more
if you tend to sing it along side.
I jotted it while I was singing. Yeah!

I’ll wait for you.
I’ll wait forever.
You say, “Never”.
I say, “Then how?”.

Open your heart.
If not your eyes.
Just see how much.
There’s love that lies.

I promise to be good.
If you come along.
I’m not so strong
Your never even stood. 

Just leave this ire.
Your my only one.
Worried I’m alone.
And afraid you are.

Hope touched me.
Solely in this world.
I’m often called a nerd.
But, you always held a spree.

Enough till date.
Tough we have had.
Just take me to the gate.
I want it so bad.

Don’t leave me there.
For all we did board.
Decisions of our Lord.
Just be it fair.

Just wait for me.
Just wait forever.
I’ll die never.
You belong to me.



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