Prize Darts Award!


This is my 5th and 6th award. Four awards in just two days. Not bad, Mr Saiz. *biting lips*
Let’s begin with the proceedings. 😉
I have been nominated for this award by a classically astonishing and humorous blogger Mahaah Azeem (Heyy! Thanks for that award pic.) and an equally distinct, prolific, auteur of words, revels17. If you haven’t already followed these blogs then you must. Right now.
Mahaah Azeem has sarcasms at everything she throws out of her mouth. Tough to deal with. And hard to stay away. She can make you go rounds and rounds, again and again. A poetess. A Photographer. An artist. And what not! Follow her.
revels17 has full fledged features in be it either poetry or prose or paragraph writing or anything. I really admire her poetic skills because I fascinate mine poetic skills too.

* Mention the person who tagged you (tick)
* Answer the questions in full
* Please tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

Here I go. with my answers.

Mahaah Azeem‘s questions

1. What’s the evilest thing you’ve ever done?
When I was a kid, some six years old. Me and my cousin sister(of same age), went to my room when my Dearest Mom wasn’t home and lethally destroyed her make up particulars by ruthlessly running her lipsticks all through the walls and at each other’s faces too. Her talc, her makeup box, her brushes, etc all were used as drawing items. And you continue guessing what would have happened after that. 😀

2. What’s the point of reading books when you can watch a movie instead? (Yeah I know it must have made you angry, I want to read that angry answer. Please don’t curse me?)
Neither do I love reading books, nor do I watch movies. So, I let my fingers do the talking. It should have been like: “What’s the point in reading books when you can write one yourself”. 😛

3. Typing on technology or writing in a notebook? Select one. And explain why if you may.
Writing in a notebook is what I fancy more. I would go on to Shopping Malls find some pretty good diaries or presentable notebooks. I have added three recently to my already collection of something that I count to fifteen.
I am not lying. I can show you even.
But, typing on technology isn’t a bad idea either. I have worked heard upon it earlier on. Like, increasing my typing skills. 😉
Because when I logged into my facebook account and I clicked on Ahmad (my profile’s first name) on the top and again clicked on that rectangular box that has imprinted on it that ‘What’s on your mind’ just to make it disappear, is when I write what’s in my mind.

4. Not every dark cloud has a silver lining. What do you say about it?
Not the kind of question I fancy answering. But, still. Anyways. I disagree with this statement. Sometimes the thunders can really tremble you. The lightning sparks can terrify you. And just when you’re wondering and waiting for the rain watching the darkest secrets of the sky, it doesn’t. I hate that moment.
I disagree because Allah says in the Quran, “Verily with hardships come ease”.
is it not your fav. quote of Quran? :/
5. The awkwardest awkward moment of your life?
There have been many.
The one that happens daily.
When someone calls you; and you just miss the call. You call back without even breathing and no one picks up. 😮
What? Did they just drop their phone and ran away?
Ughh…. And I am like, hell. (Kicking at myself.)


revels17 questions.”

What’s your favourite main phrase?

There are so many and this favorite thing is so lame. Seriously. Who created this concept of favorite? I just want to throw my cup of coffee straight through their face along with the cup and ask him/her, “Choose your favorite of the two that just happened with you.” Hell! Yeah!
Anyways I am mentioning my top-5 here.

1. “a sleepless, endless night” is the most beautiful phrase of my two-line quote, I think, I have ever written or will ever write.
Its: “I was just a mere dream. And you were an endless, sleepless night.”
I wrote it in context of me being just a dream, that would randomly someday occur, and that phrase “an endless, sleepless night” is for our beloved Prophet Muhammad(Sal’lal_lahu A’laihi Wa_sal’lam).
Read that quote again in this context. And do let me know if you liked it too. 🙂
2. “I’m Here; Right Here.”
3. “Strangely Friends; Friendly Strangers”
4. “So much to say;and no where to begin.”
5. ” ‘Nothing Remains Forever’ or ‘Nothing, remains Forever.’ ”

What’s the best book you’ve read?

Well! I don’t fancy reading books at all. Strange for a writer. I know.
But, of the few I had read,
“Seventeenth summer by Maureen Daly is the best for me.

Where do you see yourself in two years?

Campus placed
(Do mind the sequence.)
If it wasn’t just about two, you’d have seen a completely different sight of that would have required your plight even. 😉

Would you rather live in the mountains or the village (not in the mountains) or do you prefer the city?
Mountains. I want a secluded place. I am tired of this humanitarian thing.
But, I won’t. I want to change the “muaashara”. For that I need to change myself. And I am doing that.
This life is temporary.

Now get ready for my weird questions.
1. Why do you write? (I don’t want answers like I love to. You go to washroom even. Do you love that too?)
2. Typing on technology or writing in a notebook? Select one. And explain why if you may.
3. What do you strive for? What have you done for it?
4. Top 3 awkward moments. hehheee 😀 (See, just how much I hate this favorite thing.)
5. How would you like to die?

I was supposed to tag ten bloggers. And with leibster I did tag according to the rules. But, not this time. I want to appreciate every person that follows my blog and those who I follow too. You all are unquely great in one or the other way for sure or else there are over 8 million people waiting for death on this globe. You, the uniquely attributed, chose to live your life until death.

So, if you do get time (especially those who haven’t been nominated before) then do answer back to my questions in a set such as this one( or it can be better too :P). This will surely help you acknowledge the great bloggers upon wordpress. Trust me. Its only you who’ll benefit. 🙂
And I want to hear from those who I comment their upon the most. You got me. 😛
‘You can run. You can hide. But, you can’t escape my love.’
Okay! Enough for now.

Thanks again innocent ladies for nominating me. I loved answering your questions. 🙂
Now, you have to answer mine. In comments or in separate posts, I don’t mind.


13 thoughts on “Prize Darts Award!

Add yours

  1. 1. I write because it’s just a part of me. Writing is something that happens. And I can’t let go off it because it is me. I can let out so much with the pen and that soothes my heart to the core
    2. Writing on paper definitely! It has more of a charm to it and has this majestic aura surrounding it that takes you into the mesmerizing and slow past. I love letters too, not email much
    3. I strive to please Allah, to try and follow the prophet saw. I try to keep my parents happy. I have this perfectionist side so I like to have things just right. For the first, well I do try and stuff and sometimes I fall but then I remind myself of who Allah is and why we’re here in the first place. For the second, well pleasing parents is something I think that’s just done when you’re determined to not let them down. And for the third I work hard and with determination with anything I do
    4. Umm. The most awkward. An awkward question.
    -when I’m so into my conversation with a friend I don’t see that I’m in someone’s way and they have to cough a couple of times to let me know
    -when I get really excited over something small and then someone I’m trying to make a good impression in front off sees me and gives me a funny look
    -when I find out I have some weird admirer since I am so not the type of person 😀
    5. Shahadat. Insha Allah one day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha that was so good dude 😀 I loved reading that!
    I’ll answer your questions after a while here. Just wanted to let you know though that I’ve been here and now I can’t hide either 😂😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much revels.
      Calling you revels is quite odd. Give me a soothing name first. 😛
      You’ll have to answer them. You can’t hide. You’ve been everywhere.
      And now that I’m here, I desire a quick reply indeed. 🙂
      (Only if you’re not that busy.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Allah Allah itniiii tareef. Shukria buhat buhat 🙂 Seems like you’re deeply affected by my sarcasm haha 😛
    And what you did with you mom’s cosmetics is horrible. Reminded me of Paranormal Activity 4. It was a whole different story but it had something to do with a lipstick and some paints. And brushes. Oh the horror.
    Anyway, you copied two of my questions! Credits tou de dety 😉
    Here are my answers.
    1. Haha no I won’t say that I love to. But what if I say that I want to? 😛 I write because I can’t draw what I write. I can’t explain those things in artworks. Also, my writings are catharsis, nothing else. Most of the time. So yes. Hope you got the point.
    2. Typing. Ideas come more easily this way. I like writing too, but it hurts to write introspective stuff after a long day of writing lectures. Sed lyf.
    3. What do I strive for? Perfection. What have I done for it? Everything.
    4. Oh these crappy awkward moments.
    – When I’m walking backwards and my friend saves me from bumping into people. That “damn” of shame.
    – When I get angry for not getting a reply and realize later that I haven’t tapped “send”.
    – When someone calls me cute. That is the awkwardest of all. Like I should get used to it by now. But.. Idk why I get weird. May be because I am a weird person. This one time a friend of a friend said “You look cute” totally out of the blue, and I blinked, looked at my friend, looked back at the source of this compliment, looked again at my friend, and she glared at me saying, “fricken thank her man!” and I finally said, “Thank you”. Awwwwwkward.
    5. Anything except suicide, or cancer, or any other terrible disease, or a blast, or a plane crash, or a ship wreck, or a train accident, or Armageddon/ Apocalypse, or anything horrible to endure.
    I want to die when I’ve wudu, when I’ve pleased my Lord Almighty, when its all okay to die. Shaheed sort of death.

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    1. ohh…tareefein…it suits you…
      not so deeply affected; but, it just that your sarcasms are very clean and aptly put. I remember that scene because I was thrashed very badly after all the happenings. 😀
      Had I been a little more idle I would have copied all your questions.
      Credit chahiye inko….saare toh shopping mein khatm ho jaate hain mere credits. 😛
      Answers achhe hain as always…ek ek ki tareef karne ko mat bolna ab…:D


      1. Ahan.. ! Appreciations suit me, yeah. I should embrace this fact by now. Thanks anyway.
        Hah. Damn it. I am sorry that I am not sorry for every single sarcasm that I do. 😀
        Kheyr hai. Kar lety copy. Random thay.
        Did I ever ask you to tareefify me? 😛 I won’t ask you. Don’t worry. Thank you so much.

        Liked by 1 person

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