Story of a Poet: #34. ~You’re here; right here.~

Its one of those poems where I would like to mention , “And sometimes I write about feeling I have never felt.”
So, please don’t consider me a disheartened one because I am still a romantic writer. Okay? 🙂

Well! I need a break now. From 04th of August until now, I have been constantly blogging each day, some way or the other. So, I think its the perfect time to take a break.
And I wanted to share this news (kind of achievement) that this is my hundredth post. 🙂
(PS- I wanted to take a leap early on, but thought of making it a century before leaving.)

And I had worked really very hard upon the last one as of now, to make it a prime one.
Again, “Simple words; deeper meanings”, is what I used again in this.
I would be glad if you like this poem as much as I do.
Thanks in advance. Go ahead. 🙂


I know
He was gone.
Not when he said it
On the phone.

But, when he said, “Nothing”,
Almost nothing.
And the one I was,
All alone. Alas!

I yelled,
At being close.
And spelled his name,
With so much remorse.

He felt my bellow,
That no one could.
Ever again that’ll follow,
And always this feud.

He convinced me
To part our ways.
“I love you”
Is all, this emptiness says

I let him go.
Not because no
I did not love him.
But, because I did so.

He looked into my eyes.
l looked throughout to mourn.
I saw him leave.
And, he was long gone.



24 thoughts on “Story of a Poet: #34. ~You’re here; right here.~

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    1. Wow. I’ve already done that award post.
      But, I’ll sure answer your questions.
      And thank you very much for the nomination.
      I went through your blog and you’re very very pure with your thoughts. That’s a very nice thing I’ve found rare. Enjoy blogging. All the best.


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