Mizaaj e Ishq: #4. ~Zindagi mein bahot kam…~

Important Note: I wrote this one so randomly and with so much affection that I literally loved it the most of all my Urdu Poetry. I wanted to add this to my collection of Mizaaj e Ishq though I earlier stratified of limiting that section to just a count of three. I just could not stop myself from doing so. You’ll understand this after reading the last word of this blog.
Unimportant Note: My pr-exams went well and the main exams are starting in a couple of weeks from now. I need your prayers; so, please do.

I know I should not be here because I left for a really long time and two weeks ain’t much to this veracity. The weekend got me benefits of sitting for a while and thinking a little deeper than usual. So, I penned this one down.
Lets pretend its my ghost and not me; only for this time. At least you can spare me as I bring to you a clinching Ghazal that you’re already sure will please all of your senses for a really long time.

Actually, the thing is that I was recalling the whole of my life last night. And as I have a sharp habit of imagining every bit of it, I just escaped my present after my past seemed an ersatz to the future. I am usually never stopping when it comes to dreaming about my future as the first thing I think of is always my wife.
Yeah! Same old stuffs. I know. I kno…o…
Well, as I am here again after such a distended time; so, please spare me for this witty-nutty stuffs above, once again.

Without much further ado, I do begin:
This one’s a very close poem to my heart.
I was reflecting death upon myself. No, I’m not afraid of death.
Maybe all I need is time; before it arrives.

Well! I went a little further with my imaginations this time; and impressed the image of my wife leaving me alone in this world before even my death could arrive.
So, I wrote it in the context of wishing to devolve the time lag between this world and the world hereafter. So, now the context is clear I really hope that you fellas love this one just the way as I do.

So, here I sing for you, a Ghazal.

Zindagi mein bahot kam mili haii wo cheez
Wo cheez jise shiddat se chaaha bepanaah
Shikwa na koii gila rakhte hain aye chaman
Tu ghulab apni jagah_Uski khushboo apni jagah

Suna haii bin barsaat ke rutha sa tha_Dil ka ye aasmaan
Toot kar chubhta raha_Mujhe woh khwaab be’wajah
Meri muqaddas numaaya zindagi thi maanind e aaina
Unka sanwarna apni jagah_Hamara bikharna apni jagah

Aaj bhi haii hamein_Uske laut aane ki ummeed
Aaj bhi thehri haii_Ye zindagi apni jagah
Jaanta hun haii door_bahot door mujhse woh
Faasle apni jagah_Hausle apni jagah


English Translation:

I had received the things in my life very hardly
Those that I vehemently craved for boundlessly
O dear Garden, I sustain not reproach nor blame any
You be rose at your own spot; her fragrance be at its own, profoundly

Harked had I that without the rain, displeased was the heart’s sky
Pierced that broken dream to me, unreasonably
Consecrated, prominent and resembled life to a mirror was my
Her make-up at its own spot; my scattering at its own, pluckily

Today still I have the hopes of her returning futilely
Today still had the life stayed still, as it did early
I know you are far, a real afar from me
Aloofness at its own spot; my courage at its own, endlessly



Actually I wanted to write another stanza to get it to the veracity of my older styles that would make it four; but, then I realized the picture typography above, won’t be a good fit into it after truncating.
Fine“, I said, saving the picture and closing the app.


18 thoughts on “Mizaaj e Ishq: #4. ~Zindagi mein bahot kam…~

Add yours

    1. I am extremely overwhelmed by your generosity. Glad to hear to from another very scintillating poet. Thanks for the boost. 🙂
      I’ve been busy with my exams and stuffs, so kind of haven’t fluffed through reading posts much. I’ll check yours at hand after I am relieved of this.
      Keep blogging. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Delighted as always Aaliyah Ma’am 🙂
      I thought you’d be quoting your favorite lines of it. 😦
      Thanks for the well-wishing.
      Well, I’m just hoping that it goes anyhow. 😉


        1. Well! Apologies for my weak memory.
          And thanks for that compliment. I think the reason I needed to think differently would be because I stand nowhere close to your English; so why not switch to Urdu.
          Don’t tell me you write Urdu poetry too. Please.

          Liked by 1 person

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