Mizaaj e Ishq: #5. Be’saakhta muskuraahat

I am back. Again.
Yes, I am.
But, I won’t be posting as often as I have been doing in the past.
Just building up my drafts strength for a while.

Well, now as I’m here, then a Mizaaj e Ishq has to happen. Right, here?

There you go; and please go slow.
Words are easily comprehendible.  My weak Urdu does a favor to most of us here. Yeah, including me. Haah..
Anyways, jokes apart.
Its easy to understand and get deeper with the emotions. Just this.
Trust me. Oh! You’re awesome anyways.


Be’saakhta muskuraahat ko uski hazaar baar socha_
jo uthti thi zindagi ke naam
Mujhse bichhad ke ek baar muskuraaya hi na_
wo kabhi umr tamaam

Meri aawaz sune baghair_jise neend nahi aayi kisi raat_
na dhali koii shaam
Badi khaamoshi ikhtiyaare guzaar raha haii_
wo apni umr tamaam

Dil e aashna bhi toot gaye_
chaahtein bhi huii naakaam
Khwaaish mukhtasar si ke sunoo naam apna_
zubaan se teri umr tamaam

Koii waasta toh na tha_par andaaza usay bhi tha
mehshar e anjaam
Rab se daryaaft itni_ke fakat teri aawaz ko hi likh de_
wo meri umr tamaam



8 thoughts on “Mizaaj e Ishq: #5. Be’saakhta muskuraahat

Add yours

    1. Thanks so much for the nomination.
      Until now I’ve been rejoicing upon the instance that no one has nominated me till now, and its my exams at the helm. Now, you got me into this. 😲
      I’d love to do this challenge. Be prepared to witness wonderful quotes that will leave you in awe. I’ve a pretty good collection perhaps. 😝
      Watch it.

      Liked by 1 person

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