Mizaaj e Ishq: #6. Ye maan lo iss jahan mein

I like a number as good as ‘5‘; but, after composing one more of such kind today, I could not resist from making it an odd ‘6‘.
That’s strange. That’s how strange I really am.

Come on. Read further.

*urdu poetry*

Ye maan lo iss jahan mein_koii kabhi na hamsa hoga
Ye jaan lo uss jahan mein_koii kabhi na tumsa hoga

Subah se shaam talak paish e nazar hain log hamko
Hamnaam toh bahot hue par_koii dil kabhi na tumsa hoga

Khud ko talaashne ghar se jab bhi nikle ham
Haadse toh bahot hue par_koii ittefaq kabhi na tumsa hoga

Roothe se hain wo raste jinpe kabhi saath chale the
Raahzan toh bahot hue par_koii hamraah kabhi na tumsa hoga

Jab bhi yaad aaya haii zara si baat pe khafaa hona tera
Muwaafiq lehze toh bahot hue par_koii andaaz e aks kabhi na tumsa hoga

Ab toh mehez ek zara si baat haii khafaa ho jaana
Saame_iin e ghazal toh bahot hue par_koii unwaan kabhi na tumsa hoga



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