Secrets of My Diary: #3. Satisfaction is bliss!


The reason no one has ever established satisfaction in their lives is that it’s a never-ending sumptuous desire. Whims mostly are never comprehensible. And one should believe that being satisfied is a state that should be evaluated upon self-assurance. But, we are the victims of our own egotism eventually.

There’s a point in saying that I’m satisfied with myself and it’s not even a bit selfish; the reason being admittance to the Almighty Allah and His blessings and rewards. 

At the same time there is never a sigh in saying that I’m satisfied with what I’ve done. Though it might seem perfect on a note of realization, but when we spare ourselves for the cause of the rewards then we have to consider doing every possible thing to feel satisfied.

Make your sweetest desire your last mistake! Don’t just hang on to things that already hinged in. First know your worth; then do what you are worthy of.



5 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #3. Satisfaction is bliss!

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    1. You are right. And I loved reading your perception perhaps.
      I wanted to just connect the things that we do to feel satisfied and still being unsatisfied with what we receive. We just don’t do enough. Right?

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