Maqsad e Hayaat: #1. ~Jeena Wahan; Marna Yahan~

I had currently been working upon a lot of distinct stuffs from the past one month which are circumscribed by Deen(Islam). This one is just a glimpse of those so called creativity.
A quite different style of writing, but not unique.
I’ll let you say the rest.

*urdu poetry*

Ye kaha nahi
Wo hua nahi
Main raha nahi
Wo ruka nahi

Ye gila nahi
Ke wo mila nahi
Bas suna wahi
Jo kaha nahi

Hua bhi wahi
Jo socha nahi
Dil mein toh tha
Bass mein nahi

Meri zindagi
Thi aaina
Wo sanwar gaye
Hum bikhar gaye

Ek ishq ki
Talaash thi
Ab aas wo
Baaqi nahi

Ek waasta
Ek raasta
Mere Maqsad_e
Hayaat ka

Zehmat nahi
Mehnat nahi
Kaise mile
Dono jahaan

Jo shakoor hain
Hain ghafoor bhi
Wo be’niyaz hain
Aur kya kahein

Intezaar haii
Unki chaah ka
Unki deed ka
Unke saaz ka

Jab marna yahan
Aur jeena wahan
Toh Marna yahan
Jeena wahan


14 thoughts on “Maqsad e Hayaat: #1. ~Jeena Wahan; Marna Yahan~

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  1. Likhne ke liye Shukriya (Urdu) ! Khubsoorati se sacchai ko bayan krdiya.
    Alfaz Sach Hain. Sach Hai likhna apka. Jab Marna yha Aur Jeena Vha to kya krege dil ko dekar yha!
    Ghor se dekha mene zindgi ko Aapne Sach Kaha, Jeena Vha h to pehredaari Uski jisne Jeena diya.
    Keep writing keep shining!
    May Allah bless all of us:)


  2. saiz, saiz, saiz (or whatever your real name is).
    Mind blowing words and rhythm.
    The depth of our emotions of the journey of life and eventuality of death depicted in
    such short sweet words.
    You surely do have a talent. Keep writing and inspiring and also reminding.

    “Ek waasta
    Ek raasta
    Mere Maqsad_e
    Hayaat ka”

    If I have a weakness, it’s feeling in awe of people with the skill of sculpting a world with words.
    But as always the wise are those who can change a weakness into a strength. I gather inspiration from word benders 😀
    hint: someone believes she is wise

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha..Ahmad Jamal, it is. You can call me Ahmad.
      I am glad you liked it.
      So happy that you grasped what I actually wanted to portray.
      In Sha Allah aap yun hi dua karein…
      Weakness is strength sometimes. Yes, I believe you. Keep gathering.
      Even I believe that you’re wise. 😉


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