Story of a Poet: #35. I am sorry I had no other way; but, die.

Its been some two months since I last posted a poem. I had written lots of those, but just couldn’t get it done.

Things have started to slip out of this fifty ounces palm in a haste. Life is so quick.
Another brick has fallen from the wall of life.
Another year has been deducted.
Another step closer to death.

When lying upon your death bed(only the few lucky ones get this assay from Allah indeed),
“You’ll think a lot about all the people that affected your life in some way or the other.
You’ll know why it happened what had happened.”
“People are going to expect you to be nice to them.
People are going to expect you to help them whenever they need help.
People are always expecting you as long as you’re alive.
People are never stopping this as long as your heartbeats don’t stop.”
All their expectations will be acquired and assorted to another person within no time of your death.
No one is going to keep you, not even for just one more day.
All your life you kept doing stuffs for others and forget about your real purpose.
All your life you did nothing to prepare for your death.
What are you waiting for then? Death?
Remember this:

You were born empty handed. You’ll be buried the same way.
Only your deeds will follow you.


Sometimes when I think, I realize there’s something itchy about every person you meet in this world, every relation which you ought in this life.
The universe is a vast place for some 9 billion of all of us. I wonder why did not God throw us each one of us on a separate planet of our own.
Who would bury us after we die? Right?
There are many other reasons why we are related in some way or the other.
Lets see what will happen next.

“After death there’s still life
That lingers for a little while.” -Anonymous

The last verses of a dead man, who was expected to be so much.
He apologizes for not being enough.

*english poetry*


I am sorry to say,
I had no other way.
I am sorry I had no other way.
Please don’t hate me_that way.

The way we said, ”Hey”.
We parted not that way.

…I am sorry I had no other way.

I wonder if you ever existed.
Or your presence itself was a lie.
There’s nothing good in a ‘goodbye‘.
‘Cause this life was never to enjoy.

I am sad_I am really sad
May be I show it not that way

…I am sorry I had no other way

Someday somewhere down the sky
Buried will be you and I
Our cries be heard not; but still will lay
Hoping to lessen the aloof of fray

I still remember that night_that day
When we promised to forever stay_this way
The tear drops caused me an endless agony
I promised myself this life_His way

…I am sorry I had no other way.

Where the least I could do
For you_was to pray
And the most I did throughout
Was to remember you every time I did pray

You refused to explain.
I stopped to complain.
You perfused to sustain
I breathed_never again.

Never again will I exist.
Never again will my essence stay.
Never again will the sky remorse.
Never again will the righteous pay.
Never again will the clouds roar.
Never again will the thunder betray.
Never again will the bellows be harked.
And never again will we go astray.

…I am sorry I had no other way

Sometimes when I regret
I go back to that day
All my promises seemed just words
But, trust me when I say
“I am sorry I had no other way.
Please don’t hate me_that way.”

I said what you wanted me to say.
May be I said it not your way.
I am sorry I had no other way.
…please don’t hate me_that way.


17 thoughts on “Story of a Poet: #35. I am sorry I had no other way; but, die.

Add yours

  1. after a long time i feel like trying my hands at word play

    “… I am sorry I had no other way”
    I am wretched, I’m dissolute,
    I lost my soul in the alleyway.
    I am thankful, I am remorseful,
    a million emotions in disarray.
    I am who? I ponder in asunder,
    my existence like sedimentary clay.
    Nor alone nor united, nor here nor there,
    wedged in a morality play.
    “I wonder if you ever existed,
    or your presence itself was a lie”, a ploy.
    I succumb, I submit, for your wrath,
    in belief of mercy on a judgement day.
    I lay with the clay embracing decay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow…you’re way awesome.
      To be honest, I hate it when anyone extends or modifies my poem. But, trust me you did a very fine job. It read very innocent.
      The last couplet was soooo…. touching.
      I would be posting your poem as an extended version of my poem upon my blog anytime soon. Do you allow me? 🙂


      1. hey Ahmad. My apologies for giving the impression that I’m modifying your poem.
        Not at all. Your poem is yours, my word-play is mine 🙂
        I just felt like writing and so I did. And I borrowed a few lines from your poem because that’s what inspired me to write. After reading your maqsat-e-hayat, and then the poem here just made me want to write a bit of my angst about how sorry and insignificant I feel 🙂
        But yes, feel free to do whatever you wish with the words I left for you.
        Your appreciation of my words honors me. As I have said before I’m in awe of your talent of writing, also your very spiritual take on life.
        Esp given that you just barely became an adult 🙂
        My very best wishes to you

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No complaints. Really.
          I was more than happy to inspire you.
          I sure will post your poem anytime soon with your name on the top.
          Spiritual take? Haha.. 😉
          That’s exactly like saying, “Oh! You pray five times a day. You seem to be so pious.”
          I mean, really? That’s a must for a Muslim.
          Please don’t mind.
          I am just used to living for my purpose of this life.
          Thank you so much for the good wishes. I am so happy to have found a motivation from your side every time I write something. 😊
          Would you mind if I asked you of which nation do you belong to?


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