Opposite of Two- A Lonely Me & A Lonely You: #Post •1•

Does anyone remember my Strangely Friends Friendly Strangers?
No? Then have a look.

Its my most favorite part of my blog.
(This was the most honest review I had given till date.)
Oh yeah. Trust me or not. I don’t lie sometimes.

Its just a temporary assay for my assortment to what I had done in the past with a renewed extravagance of separation.
I hope you, readers, get your senses pleased with this post and the coming ones.

Post One-



“What’s the opposite of two?
A lonely me;
And a lonely you.”


24 thoughts on “Opposite of Two- A Lonely Me & A Lonely You: #Post •1•

Add yours

    1. I missed your presence on my blog to be honest.
      This was so much of you in one line. The only way to thank you now is to keep writing better.
      I wasn’t too sure about this new segment until when I read this comment of yours.
      Second one will be doing the talking, tomorrow. In Sha Allah.
      If you get time, then please do review my latest poem at Story of a Poet #35.
      Trust me. You’ll love it.

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      1. haha awww that’s soo sweet to hear.. In sha Allah May Allah bring you all prosperity in this world and hereafter! 😉 Aameen!! Sure thing.. Juzz gimme a minute! 😀 😛 Keep writing I’m trying something totally new now! 😛 Story writing… hahaha Am myself astonished to see it! 😛 Let’s see! and You noe me.. am honest with my comments! 😉

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        1. Truths are soar they said; how fool some people. 😀
          In Sha Allah.
          That was a great post by you. I think I should show up with my long comment now.
          I know. I know how honest you are. 😉

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  1. these days no one talks. there no longer are discussions.
    just replies. If one is lucky enough there would be someone who sends lavish replies. But then again, who has time these days for too many words?

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    1. I can understand your feeling. Typos are a good way to show perhaps.
      Thanks for this really very precious appraisal. I was in an urgent need of it. As I am trying new stuffs, so I need to get motivated with my ways. Thanks a lot. Ma’am. 🙂
      Once you suggest me to read one; and then again you are suggesting me to write one. Heheh…
      I did not laugh. I just smiled wide. 💗
      Just to acknowledge, yes, I am writing one. Needless to mention its a heedless romantic.
      But, please trust me when I say, “It will be the only one of its kind.”
      I’ll let you know when I’ll finish.

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