Opposite of Two- A Lonely Me & A Lonely You: #Post •2•

A fellow blogger once said,

You have distilled emotions into your words. You write with all your feelings.

I think it was truly attributed.
You know it. That all those feelings, either good or bad, either happy or sad, lie within one and the same heart that belongs to you and you alone.

People know them when they feel them.
I know them, so I feel them.

So, it turns about this way:
Sometimes I write about feelings, I had never felt before.

Post Two-



Time is not about those who were there when you needed them.
Time is about those who stayed around even when you did not need them.

Note: In case if you missed the first post. This link below will take you there.
Post One


15 thoughts on “Opposite of Two- A Lonely Me & A Lonely You: #Post •2•

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  1. Ahmed… This time I am serious.. you truly did touch my heart with these words…. yes it’s a harsh reality! Woww.. I’m pretty touched… Touched inside out I must say.. I wrote a poem about it! I donno whether it makes any sense but I wantd to express my feelings when I read these words soo deep!

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    1. “Ahmad” 😉
      I’m more than happy. Truly.
      Thanks for being a kind reader.
      I’ll be reviewing your poem. I need to read it again and again. It felt appalling in the first read. You’re awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

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