Mizaaj E Ishq: #8. ~Tere taghaful se tarq talak~

And I realized this long ago that it’s been a long time to my Mizaaj e Ishq. I could not find a genuine reason to inhale the essence of romanticism within me.
These days I just want to remain sad. Sad for no reason.
Why? Because I have no reason to smile either.
Everything is bringing forth a heartbreak. Be it either the fear of rejection, the lost innocence of some people, the one last stay of an old friend, the loneliness, all contribute to the heartbreak.

Ah. You feel for me. Really?

Well the above phrases were only to make up your mizaaj (i.e. the mindset involving a particular thing at a particular time) upon what you’re going to read next.
Go ahead with a heavy heart.


*urdu poetry*

Tere taghaful se tarq talak_teri be’hisii azaab thi
Tujhse bichhde toh ehsaas hua_ye zindagi hi azaab thi

Teri adaaon ke sadke_Zarf e nazar haii ye sanjeedagi
Kabhi rukh se parda gir na saka_hayaa teri ba’sawaab thi

Tujhe chaahne ke baad koii aur chaahat hi na rahi
Teri nazrein jhuki phir jo uthi_Unmein mohabbat hi be’hisaab thi

Mile pal bhar ko ek roz khwaab mein_toh mehez alvida kehne ke liye
Kabhi dhadkan thami toh kabhi saansein_Uski khaamoshi jo la’jawaab thi

‘Phir milenge_zaroor milenge In Sha Allah’ the alfaaz uske
Usay jaata dekh ye mehsoos hua_ke wo zindagi ka dusra baab thi


10 thoughts on “Mizaaj E Ishq: #8. ~Tere taghaful se tarq talak~

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      1. Hehe, I don’t call people by their names over here. So, it’s just a way of showing respect Sir. ☺☺
        Decent is quite good, though! 😁
        Keep writing! ✌

        Liked by 1 person

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