Secrets of My Diary: #6. ~Compassion~

The worst point in being sick is not that you are actually sick but that feeling which constantly haunts you for being worthless and being good for nothing; and that feeling of despair when you try to do the easiest of the things but you just can’t do because you’re so sick.
What hurts so much is not the pain that occurred physically but what hurts within; and that cause which makes you think that you have to carry it on your own.
You’re a strong person; and you know it. You’ve been hurt a lot of times before and in a thrilled manner.
Just because you don’t acknowledge to people doesn’t mean the pain is gone. But, you just hate people sympathizing. But that still doesn’t hurt more than what does when you feel so low at heart and that no one is going to bring you a glass of water and say that you need to have the medicines and that if I could help you in some way or the other.
You would definitely say ‘no’. Not because you need nothing, but because you already got something greater than that.
Yes, absolutely it heals more than just the medicines.
The compassion that comprises of a gentle touch at your head while someone sits right beside you as you lay down at bed and a few nice words gently poured at your ears as you silently diminish your eyes can genuinely make you feel much accelerated the next morning you wake up.

Be good to people. In every way. You never know what battles they are fighting alone that no one cares to know about.

One single word can make someone’s day.
One single word can break bonds of a lifetime.


As I’d like to give an example by writing in here a Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal_lahu_a’laihi_Wa’sal’lam.
So it goes as:
“One of the greatest of Hypocrites (Munafiq) was brought before Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal_lahu_a’laihi_Wa’sal’lam after being caught conspiring.
(Every body gathered there knew he was a hypocrite, because his hypocrisy was open to all.) 

(I am keeping it as short as possible. But, I do have to bring out the clearest meaning to my might as well.)

So, everyone knew about that hypocrite.
A Sahabi(Companion of Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal_lahu_a’laihi_Wa’sal’lam) stepped forward and asked,
“Allow me to slay him O’ Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal_lahu_a’laihi_Wa’sal’lam.”
“Why?”, asked the Prophet.
“Because he is a hypocrite.”, said the Companion.

(Just read what Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal_lahu_a’laihi_Wa’sal’lam said to him next. Wal’lahi.

The Prophet said, “So, you peeped into the hypocrite’s heart. You knew what was in his heart.”

Such was the character of the Prophet of this humanity. The man who has a following of nearly 25% of world’s total population.
And so we, the Muslims, call ourselves proud Muslims.



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