Secrets of My Diary: #7. ~In the end you have to just- believe~

Sometimes you just have to believe things. You can’t just put a question mark onto it straight forward. If you wish to wait for a logical answer then wait until death.
See, logically nothing is correct; because logically everything can be proved wrong. For instance- can you prove that the sun rises in the east? Think again!
No, you can’t. You just won’t. So, at the end you just believe it. If you want then I can give you more of these exemplars in person.
It’s good to think and Allah wants us to question and do things on our own else He wouldn’t have given each of us our self-organs to appendage our thoughts.
But, feel the difference of questioning upon the creations and the Creator Himself!


7 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #7. ~In the end you have to just- believe~

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    1. hahaha…Now you are some one millionth person to call me a philosopher.
      I think I exaggerated too much. Okay, one hundredth person.
      I too feel I can do philosophy like these.
      Oh. This has ignited the spark within me. May be I should come up with something philosophical herein. What say?

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