Maqsad e Hayaat: #3. Tha Rab Saath Mere


Tha Rab saath mere_
Main fakat tanha
Kaafilon ke paimaane ujde_
Tha safar tanha

Tha yaqeen tujhpe_
Tu bhi musaafir tanha
Teri chaahat bhi main_
Par main be’wajah tanha

Kuchh dair sahi
Par saath chalna
Manzil ko
Tha fateh hona

Mujhe raahzano se gila nahi
Jab apne hi saath nahi

Thak ke poochh diya Rab se_
Tu bhi toh tha khalis tanha
Mujhse roya nahi jaata_
Mujhe de de be’kasii tanha

Posheeda hi behtar thi_
Uski meri khaami tanha
Kisi ki muqaddas numaya adaawat ko_
Kyo failaana tanha

Ab toh zindagi meri haii_
Maanind e ghulab tanha
Toote baghair nahi nafe ke jaanib_
Agar thehri toh bedaar tanha

Baar’haan haii
Uski rehmat
Badar’jahaan haii
Uski azmat
Ajab sa khumaar haii
Uski yaad mein
Na bhukh Na pyaas haii
Kisi bhi haal mein

Ramzan mein jaane wale_
Hote nahi wahan tanha
Intezaar tha uski deed ka_
Par aayi haii firse Eid tanha


8 thoughts on “Maqsad e Hayaat: #3. Tha Rab Saath Mere

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  1. Love the words. There are so many words in this poem that I really have no clue about the exact meaning. I can guess based on the words around it.
    Thus I didn’t quite understand the whole of the poem. But still I would like to summarize the gist of it as:

    “Kuchh dair sahi
    Par saath chalna”

    “Intezaar tha uski deed ka_
    Par aayi haii firse Eid tanha”

    Life is just like that – tanha. We have our hopes our khuwaishey of beautiful company to make our journey so much more beautiful than it is when we walk alone. Alas!

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    1. Wow.. I was waiting for this. This made my day. Ma’am Amira. 😛
      I’ll repost it with an addition of a translated version of it too. That would help for sure. 🙂
      Yes. You said it right. We alone are the travellers. And Only Allah is our guide. Only Allah is who we need.;-)


    1. If only I knew how to write Urdu, I’d have already written it in both forms. Sorry for that.
      I am feeling really very amiable at heart to see that you tried hard to understand it actually. This actually means a lot. Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s not you at all! I grew up speaking predominantly English- Roman Urdu is all I can read! The important thing is I can understand it, and more importantly I felt it!

        Liked by 1 person

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