Opposite of Two- A Lonely Me & A Lonely You: #Post •4•

Sometimes goodbyes hurt. Mostly when you don’t know the reason why.
But, some love stories start at goodbyes.

Sometimes you need to hold on, until your last breath, to let the feelings of forever and always inscribe the feeling of happiness in the afterlife.

Post ★Four★



He looked into her eyes the way Allah wanted him to. And she smiled to his face like never before.

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8 thoughts on “Opposite of Two- A Lonely Me & A Lonely You: #Post •4•

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  1. that she isn’t what she appears to be?
    that she isn’t what you expect her to be?
    that what you see is not what she is about?
    or maybe simply that she is not the ‘her’ your eyes seek?

    great quote as usual. you definitely do write with passion.

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