Secrets of My Diary: #9. ~It’s IMpossible~

It’s impossible after a certain point to get back to the old style of thinking or the old ways of blinking. You can never be the same person again because it was never all of a sudden change; and a sudden change is always temporary. Well I believe that, if not you!
The past might just be seeking in a place to grasp the better of you and you can be a victim to it very easily because that was the only thing you so much wanted to happen to you. And that’s still not the correctitude of the realm of probable considerations of what your heart says. It doesn’t matter how much you tried. Even though you gave your 100% to it, you still have to just hope and wish the luck to dusk your way. Despite hope being the last thing to have touched you; you’re never going to be enough.
And you cannot be born to just eat, pay bills, spill and sleep. You have got a greater purpose in your existence.
Talk to yourself and you’ll know what.

Wait! Talk!


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