Lucid Deliberations:#2. 5 Philosophical Lucency

If I were to do philosophy, then these would have been my very first five.

#1. Two kinds of people.
“There are only two kinds of people in this world.
One that bring you closer to Allah.
And the other that take you away from Allah.”

#2. Break the limits.
“Just as there’s a limit to your senses of hearing and seeing_there’s a limit to your thinking too.
You can’t think beyond your comprehension.
You can’t visualize things you have never seen or heard or felt even.
The dreams are where you_
break the limits.

#3. Which hands to hold and which to shake.
“The one who doesn’t have time to care about his afterlife.
Do you think he’ll care about anyone else’s?
Surely, no. I guess the human sensibility has crossed your brain at some point in life so as to choose the right company of people around you.
Because in the end it’s always you to choose-
Which hands to hold and which to shake.

#4. A change must change you.
“If a ‘change’ doesn’t make you a better person than how you were before, then there’s something wrong with that ‘change’. And that ‘change’ needs to be changed.
Because: A ‘change’ must change you.

#5. The gravest of the graves.
The gravest punishment of hell would not be the severe intensity of hell fire, or fireballs galloping through the food pipe, or the rotten melts to be drunk, or heinous animals beating off to the verge of death, or pouring of super-heated water through the heads that would melt all the innards or burning of skins, or boiling of the brains.
But, that a person going to hell would never be able to witness or see the Lord of all those who called themselves lords, the King of the kings, the one and the only Creator of the entire universe, the Most powerful, Allah. He would never be able to see Allah, nor in the after life.
This feeling of remorse and laments would be:
The gravest of the graves.

Lucid Deliberations: Post One.

Note: These are just a mere philosophies of a nerd like me. Nerds like me would agree on one or two, but those more intellectual than my thoughts may not. So, I hold no responsibility in being accurate at every word. These are just my thoughts.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for your time.
You can just stop me. But, you just can’t stop me.



3 thoughts on “Lucid Deliberations:#2. 5 Philosophical Lucency

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  1. I agree with all of ’em. Except you know the last one? It was too harsh. I sort of just rushed over that one. Too scary to even think about.
    A’uzubillah, may Allah protect us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know it really was scary. Just as I was wondering about if I was put into hell, I would never be able to see Allah ever. 😦
      That’s why I wrote it down.
      May Allah forgive us and grant us Jannah. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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