Lucid Deliberations:#3. WHO ARE YOU, WHEN NO ONE’S WATCHING?

The reason why we, as Muslims, suffer so much in this world is because we always complained of what others did and never looked down upon ourselves at first.
And this eventually is going to be the sole reason as to why we shall be suffering in the next life perhaps.

“Committing a sin knowing that its a sin
is a lesser sin than committing a sin and thinking it is not a sin.”


Even the most pious commit sins. But, the one closest to Allah is one who bounces back with even extra zeal and zest; and repents.
Shaitan committed sin and so did Prophet Adam (A’lai_his’salaam). One accepted his mistake and one tried being reasonable. And you know the rest of the story.
The hearts are in control of Him and Him alone. Never let it turn so arrogant that we go out of our usual sensing atrocities.
Or let us be arrogants as we live. Lets just turn our hearts dead. Let us all shut our eyes; if its not for and because of Allah we live.
And then it’ll appear as if Allah says this to us every moment,

“See you. In next life.”


If only people worried about themselves how much they worry about others, this world would have already witnessed a revolution. Its a disdaining replication of lacking of faith.
Remember, you will be asked about yourself. Because:

“In the end, its all between you and Allah!”


If only we knew the fact that the one whom we are denying submission is the only one in total control of this world and the next, we would cry in prostration until He calls us back. That’s until death finds us lingering for remorse and laments for just an extra single breath.
Do you think we won’t be accountable of the sort of things we’re doing?
Do you think we won’t be accounted for our family and friends in the acts they were involved in?
Have not we been enough disobedient to the Lord of all the creations?

“What are we waiting for? Death?”


Then let’s all enjoy all the forbidden acts by Allah until it arrives.
Let us all forget the Majestic Lord, Allah, until death reproves.
But do remember the fact that even if it were thousands of years to it, death shall still find us. And death, in return, shall have no dominion, of its own!


4 thoughts on “Lucid Deliberations:#3. WHO ARE YOU, WHEN NO ONE’S WATCHING?

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  1. Just yesterday I attended a lecture about this.
    About the difference between Shaytan and us as children of Adam.
    Iblis was too arrogant. What makes us different is that we repent and feel remorse just as our father did.

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      1. That’s why it’s part of sunnah to repent and seek forgiveness even when you haven’t done anything wrong.
        The Rasul used to do it even when he was free from sins.
        Then who are we to not seek forgiveness?

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