Secrets of My Diary: #18. ~Remembrance of Allah~

There’s something very beautiful about the first few hours of the morning. The time seems to slow down and there’s a constant urge of remembrance of Allah in one’s heart.The deepest consequence of which brings an everlasting smile upon thy face where reluctance of disbelief use to dwell.
The thoughts that arise seem to be so scintillating and fascinating that a deep breath is all it requires to regain the lost possession.

“You need to be centered. You need to be balanced. You need to be at peace.”

How can there be the love of people and the love of Allah in one heart? When you know it that only Allah is the turner of the hearts.
If you’ve really decided to part your ways.
If you’ve really chosen the best part to make a living.
Then make sure it’s of finding something better.
Make sure it develops you into someone better.
Make sure it leads you to change for better.
And continue wondering what’s and who’s better because it’s beyond any human comprehension.


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