Secrets of My Diary: #17.~ Atheism or Strategic Disbelief ? ~

Allah is The Greatest! That’s my first belief of Islam that Allah is The Greatest because it’s important to stay focused on one God as our Creator in order to have faith in our existence.

We have been created and that’s for sure. If we were to come in this world by our own will or choice, then everyone would have created himself/herself the best, the richest and the most powerful of all.
And if we were created from the soil because that’s what a human body becomes when left to deteriorate; and we think that the micro-organisms have collectively formed us because they are the same that eat us up when we get buried then we are just fooling ourselves. Just wonder, those objects that ain’t visible with the human eyes have the brain to think and talk among themselves that let’s create a human who has both his hands on the either sides of his shoulder and eyes right blow the oval-shaped head and a nose and over 200 bones and ligaments so well to be placed and so on. I can give more of such instances in particular.
And if we think a human being has created us then that’s utmost foolishness because the question is who created him. Even a human being until today hasn’t been able to create a living being even of the size of an ant then how about the kangaroos, giraffes, hippopotamus, lion, women, men, etc and just continue wondering.
And that there’s only one God is the truest in its nature because if there were more than one God then we would have witnessed clashes among them and expected fire balls and war over the skies and the planets and the galaxies and the stars because the world itself is witness to the fact that where there are equal powers there’s always war to the brim.
Creator is one. Creations are many.

That’s the belief of Islam that we are here in this world because Allah wanted us to be here as a test and the one who passes it will enter into Jannah-The Paradise.

Thank You.


7 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #17.~ Atheism or Strategic Disbelief ? ~

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  1. Agreed 100%
    Imagine showing someone a castle and telling them that no one built it. It happened on its own like the Big Bang. They’re gonna call you a liar.
    Then why believe that the earth is the result of a Big Bang? Of course it’s not. Someone had to create it.

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      1. I know right!
        That’s what Allah means when He says that their hearts are sealed. They’ve got eyes to see, yet they see not. They’ve got ears to hear with, yet they hear not.
        May Allah guide us and keep us firm in our belief.

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  2. People just choose to generalize! It is a shame that they choose to do that! 😦
    Atheists take all these as their big opportunity and repeat “religion is bad” till eternity. But it is people who have no true faith in any religion who turns the wrong way.

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    1. It’s really a shame; but we ourselves are the culprits.
      We can’t change what people already set their minds upon. We can only change ourselves to put forth the real image of a True Muslim and give them a reason to believe.

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