Secrets of My Diary: #19. ~Ever wondered why you wonder?~

How grand it is to wake up when the whole world is still asleep. I wonder why does one even sleep. What, did they climb Mount Everest or pulled a bullock-cart that they feel like a oscitant to gradually fall at their beds.

Well that’s beyond any human restraint. But, there has to be a reason why you wake up every morning.
I wonder what more can a cup of efficacious coffee do to me than that to just keep me awake. Staying awake the whole night is a strategic disbelief of the fact that you ain’t just tired enough to die for a while. And that you have things that haven’t yet got accomplished to perfection. I wonder if people wonder from where do I sneak some time to write such non-sense. Well, just keep wondering. 



6 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #19. ~Ever wondered why you wonder?~

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  1. So you wake up early?
    If so, may I please have the potions you brew for a sound sleep at night? May I have your secret recipe for sleep? May I? Please?
    Gimme your sleep!

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