Story of a Poet: #38. You think you know me!

You think you know me!
And that you can define me.

That I’m a lone traveller
Who knows not which path to take.
That I’m a friendly stranger
Whose faith would so easily shake.

That I’m a hopeless romantic
Who in a box is just a tick.

That I’m a random fighter
Who enslaves everything tighter.

That I’m a reckless blogger
Who has no other fodder.

That I’m a frequent writer
Who has an improper future.

That I’m a three letter ‘Hye’
Who would shatter of a mere ‘Bye’.

But, let me tell you what’s true,
That I’m a descendent from an equally great cue.

That I don’t belong to the oceans and the skies.
From the taming of the seas to the moon’s sighs.

You think defining me is a task so easy
That I’m the winds that lift themselves breezy.
You think I’m a clouded snow.
But, you really don’t know what I know.

I’m not the sniffling sun rays
Inflicting and keeping low at bays.

I’m not the blistering moonlight
That eclipses its own halved light.

I’m not the shooting stars.
That would falling show my failing scars.

I’m not an interrupted volcano
Whose flowing crates would sound like a piano.

I’m not the barren land of plateaus
That replaces the mountains’ steep skews.

And now don’t tell me this sight is what I am
That I’m a summed up poem and a mere slam

That I am, where no one can get par
That I am a nation that is from a far

Don’t cry please, how far is that far.
Knowing I belong to another star.

I am an ever expanding universe.
And there within me,
Lies another universe.


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