Lucid Deliberations #4. Translations can never be exact.

This is a requested post.
Well, I offered that request instead.

I wrote this Urdu Poem some time ago and because a blogger friend wasn’t able to contemplate a few of its lines, I decided to translate it. (I just pray that I did good.)
Here’s a link of the Urdu Poem
While doing the translation this thought crossed my mind again and again that I would never be able to do justice to my Urdu Poetry.

No matter how hard I try. Real is always real.

So, I tried to bring into notice, the deliberations of this fact rather into my this section through the translated poem of it.


I miss you a lot.
When no one favors me.
When no one listens to me.
That is when, I miss you a lot.

Whenever my feet tremble
Your memories I mumble.
To be conscious, if I try
This world does laugh at my
After falling when I get up not.
That is when I miss you a lot.

Even there were days much
When conditions were such.
That, night arrived_and eyelids shut.
And this way so easily we slept.
Now, I feel drowsy not.
But, I really miss you a lot.

When while crying
The fear to me get going.
My wet eyes even
You bore never being driven.
Now tears do I persist not.
But, I really miss you a lot.

All of my errors you,
Childish of me, forgave you.
A tight hug whenever you do
Your miseries you forget too.
Your absence anymore is acceptable not.
But, I really miss you a lot.

When restless I stayed awake
My head upon your laps you did make.
You ran your fingers through my hairs
Exhausted, you sang me stories of cares.
Those kind of days are gonna back not.
But, I really miss you a lot.

How your days and nights were?
To you, I just don’t ask ever_
So you don’t fall into tears,
I don’t cry before you due to these fears.
Those promises to you are fulfilled not,
But, I really miss you a lot.

All those nights in which you dear
Had spent with my memories unclear.
I swear by God upon them of some sort.
I really miss you a lot.

That song which I never listened to
It was whole life’s recitation of you.
It was the tale of your pain
That I blew off into laughter’s name.
I know I deserve to be forgiven not.
But, I really miss you a lot.

For your smile one small
I would to your feel shall fall.
The paradise needs to be achieved even,
But, your rights to pay off, will still remain.
Please, with this thing just once you trust
That I really miss you a lot.

If ever you get displeased
To make you happy, I’ll be there indeed
Eventually, one day I will be gone
But again, sure will be my return
Remembrance on doomsday be there or not,
But, I really miss you a lot.

Often into my mind
Rises only this question unwind.
That into this lone life of mine
What if there were no time of decline.
Because I can forget to pray ever.
But, I would never forget you in my prayer.

Whenever I shut my eyes
I see only you who lies
Every night I think only this, as it cries
Mom I miss you a lot
I really miss you a lot.


5 thoughts on “Lucid Deliberations #4. Translations can never be exact.

Add yours

  1. Saiz… I’ve no words!! I feel honoured!! Thank you so much!!! And the translation, even if you think is not exact, it’s perfect in its own way! Thanks again!! It really brought me tears.
    I think I should learn Urdu 🙂 I’ve always loved the language, heard of Urdu shai’ri s from my brother. I’ll learn it myself insha Allah.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JazakAllah khair sister
      I am extremely pleased to honor you even. 🙂
      Translating and making it rhyme with perfect sense is what’s very challenging to me.
      Yes, you should start learning by now. Even I don’t know how to write Urdu, I just remember reading from the past happenings.
      In Sha Allah you’ll conquer your target.
      May Allah be with you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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