Story of a Poet: #42. And if only I had another chance

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And if only I had another chance,

I’d let you know about my plans.
From the tales of the sea so strong,
To the songs by the shore so long.
From the lives within breezes we kissed,
To the raindrops while catching we missed.
From jumping at each other in dark,
To embracing tightly at lightning spark.
I’d ask you to stay for my heart’s core,
‘Cause I need you more,
When I look at the door.

And if only I had you in my story,

I’d forget all my past glory.
From the days of being showy,
To the nights of being a forgotten memory.
From the days of popularity,
To the days of solidarity.
From the waiting till noon,
To the songs for the moon.
From the glances over the road,
To the enhances your smiles poured.

And if only I had the strength of the old,

I’d let my fading whispers be bold.
From your morning faces that lid,
To the days so evenly placid.
From the peeking beyond that window,
To me on confronting being hollow.
I’d tell you why I swam in you, but loved.
And why so hard I drowned

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And if only I had you,

For one last time.
I’ll make up for my mistake now,
And let again your heart shine.
I’d tell you the secret which lies,
Deep within the earth_And beyond those skies.

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Note: A very long time for a blog post. And an even longer time for a poem. I kind of started hating writing to be honest. But, I don want to hate it. So, I am taking a long, long break. A lot of life-threatening events taking place in my life too. I just penned this one last night going back in time. That’s how I am.

22 thoughts on “Story of a Poet: #42. And if only I had another chance

Add yours

    1. Hah! Long time.
      How have you been?

      And yeah, everything is okay with me. That’s the evil inside of me that talks these non-senses.
      I knew I had friends out there. I realized it today. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah lol. Same old exam frenzy, but it’s all over, trying to get back into blogging!
        I think we all forget that, you must remember that. We’re not alone 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Assalaam-u-alaykum wa rahma. I hope all is well with you. I read your post by chance yesterday, I have been away from publishing myself due to work commitments. It is a poignant piece.
    I must admit I am concerned. I really hope things sort out and turn out for the best for you, ameen. I will just take the liberty to share a fact of life with you: all pain and hardships, while we are living in it is unbearable, but once it is over, alhumdulillah, even the pain develops so much within our personalities. It, then, depends on us whether we turn it positive or negative.
    I am sorry if I am crossing my line in giving unwanted advice and anecdotes, however, it is all meant in the most positive way.
    Fee amaan Allah.

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    1. Wa’alekum_as’salaam Wa’rahmatullahi Wa’barakhatuhu
      You can’t imagine how good a feeling gushes into me to read your words. Kind words.
      Everything is completely going on well. Al’hamdu_lillah
      Just a bit of trashy thoughts from the past that has nothing to do with the present or the future.
      The reason why I think about my past is because of the naive fact that I can’t change it.
      That’s what hurts.
      But, Allah knows the best.
      And, no. You haven’t crossed any line.
      “None of you can be true believers if you don’t wish for others what you wish for yourself.”
      I am so sorry for a late response. I replied to it but, my network had already disconnected by the time I clicked on ‘reply’ and all that I had typed got vanished. Just in case, if you thought I ignored your precious advice and anecdote.
      Jazak Allahu Khair Ukhti

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      1. Wa iyyakum, Ya Akhi.
        I am glad all is going well with you and I hope it continues. Ameen.
        No matter what was in the past, we can steer it towards positivity if we want. There will be the remnants of pain, and sorrow, Allah ‘Alam, however, there is also hope present, until our last breath, in sha’ Allah.
        Sometimes we get to know our own strengths in the times of adversity. Allah Kareem.
        May Allah SWT bless you and all of us with peace of heart, mind and soul, ameen.
        And please don’t worry about the reply being late or not. It is all cool. : )

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