Feels of My Unspoken Words

And as I grow old, I grow stronger each day. No matter how many times I see people with raised eyebrows, but I am never stopping doing what needs to be done until when I am satisfied with my perfection. Perfection is a moving target, I still believe in this fact. But, that doesn’t assure me of the assortments people keep a watch on me for.
And you cannot keep everybody else happy. That’s not what you wake up each day for.

You know, a lot of times you will feel disgraced by people but, for the person you had become. People matter, but not in everything you do.

“People will wish all the good things for you to be. But, they will will start hating you when you finally achieve them all.”


Two years back, around the same time, I knew what was changing in me. I knew what had stroked me. I even knew where my life was heading.
Its been two years to that time, that essence. But, the feeling hasn’t sunken within me yet.
I haven’t yet spoken about it yet. No one knows what had happened. No one knows why I changed. No one knows why I changed my ways. Neither my parents either.

Forgetting about all those mixed responses from people, forgetting about all those instances when I felt taken aback, missing out on all those chances where I could have too easily swayed away my ways with the lady with my heart.
I could have gone a step ahead in this life. I was happy with everything I had received in this life, but just wasn’t sure about why I was content with this strife.

But, then for how long does a longing last?
Only until the health lasts, or until the body hasn’t weakened or the pendulum of life hasn’t stopped oscillating.

For how long does the handsomeness sustain? Only until the hairs are ado, or the wrinkles haven’t appeared or the strength is possessed.

And for how long does the beauty remain? Only until the death hasn’t arrived, or only till moryality hasn’t sufficed, or the stars haven’t fallen.

To be honest, it’s never an easy task to step down from heights you reach after so much of dissolution and hardships thrown at you by people. It is never going to be easy when all you wished for in life was being loved.

But, then how long does the feelings last? Only until the love is not lost, or the lust hasn’t faded, or the tears hasn’t soaked life’s pondiferous solitudes in dismay.

How long does the person even last?
And then people ask, “What happened to you? Why did you change?

Letting the answers deep with your unspoken words, you keep things between you and Allah alone. And notwithstanding the reinstated faces of people, you choose to not look back.
That’s when you are really living a life with a purpose.

A smile on my face, and my back to your face, I walk, I write as if I was always made to walk. Away.


That’s my life. That’s the thing about unspoken words.


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