Feels of My Mind

You are as ordinary as any other person in your life is. Not that you own any superpower, but you just can’t own a thing for a long period of time.

And success is that which remains forever. Not that which is snatched away at death.


Relentless, you think you are the only supreme being of this impetuous staid life. But, you forget even you are the most temporary of the multitudes, anything or anyone could be at a point in time.

A friend of mine was very generous to raise the issue of non-existence of God.
And that God is within us, within this pen I write with, within every single thing that exists.

I will be writing a blog post on why we fail to understand God? And why we fail in faith?

But, for time being, all that I have to say is,
“If there was no God, then why would people die? Where do they come from? Why only a human is born off a woman’s womb? Why not an animal, or an insect?”image

I know I sound unsound. But, you can’t deny my point, nor my pen’s pin point.

It might seem inseparable to you to obligate your insatiable destiny. And moreover when this world was designed to be written upon the most starkly visionary of pyromaniacal desires, you were there, almost there to be processed upon by the wordly affairs into a test.

And whatever you desire for in this world is confined merely to death.


People often forget about the fact that they are all going to die eventually. They spend 30-40 years of there life being miserable just to spend another 10-20 with ease.
What’s the use of this body when it is no longer healthy?
Every question of mine will go unanswered, unless you start to take a step towards the things that matter.

Everyday I see a lot of people posting updates about ‘Pray for Medina’, ‘Pray for Baghdad’, ‘Pray for Gaza’, ‘Pray for Syria‘ and stuffs on social media.
But, when you ask them if they prayed, 99% people will silently abscond their lies and be berserk about being truthful.
That’s because they did not pray.
Because when you are praying you are actually accepting the truth that ‘God can do what no one can.’

Seeing Muslims all over the world seemingly so much concerned about the Muslim community really brings me down to tears.
Like really? Are they so much concerned? Are people so much concerned about the death and sufferings of the other people?
Then why is that these people are busy showing others what Islam is not about?

Why do people even have to say,

“This is not the real Islam that you see around the world”,

at the first place?
Why don’t they just show what real Islam is?

2 billion Muslims around the world can’t show the other 6 billion what Islam is about. And a few lakhs of the multitudes from all over the world make the 8 billion see what Islam is.
That sounds so interesting that it astounds me even. Woah.


And then we turn to Allah to only complain for the wrong that has occurred.


Why is that we turn to God only when we find no other help?

The other day I was at a hospital, a renowned one indeed.
I came to know about people spending lakhs of money upon a disease they are suffering from the past 10 odd years or so. Women crying and devasted outside Operation Theatre.
The prayer rooms were enchanted with sermons and prayers.
Crossed fingers. Raised hands. Closed eyes.
Does God deserve only this?

When we turn to God we are actually asking God to cure us without any medicinal customaries. Then why is it that we don’t turn to Him at the first place?

An instance I remembered and i would like to share here,
Once Prophet Musa(Moses) A’laihis’salaam suffered from stomach ache. He asked Allah to help and cure Him.
Allah said, “Go to so and so place and chew the leaves of so and so tree and you will be healed.”

I am not going into detail. I am just stating the required.
He did exactly as Allah said and he was healed exactly as Allah said.
Another day, the stomache ache occured again. But, this time instead of going to Allah, he thought why not chew those same leaves again and not worry Allah.
He went to that tree and chewed those leaves, but the stomach ache did not vanish.
He returned to Allah and complained that those leaves did not heal them again.
Allah said, “Those leaves don’t heal. I have put the healing sensation in those leaves.”

This. Just this.

God is God. He is not a human.

Exactly this is where we fail to understand the concept of God.

What’s hidden amidst the cloak is what makes you unique.
That which lies beneath is everything from similar bleak.


11 thoughts on “Feels of My Mind

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  1. So true. I came across a play while studying my major. It was existentialist. Beckett’s “waiting for Godot” and we later performed it too. I so keenly felt that how a godless life is nothing and it’s unimaginable for me that how do such people reconcile World in all its miracles and it’s tribulations and bear a connection with those around them as you cannot even connect with your soul if you block out Allah…

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    1. True, each word.
      That’s what trembles me the most when I see people raise question as of, “What if there is no God?”
      All that I am left thinking upon is,
      “What if there’s one?”

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        1. But, apart from all that, don’t you think one must be concerned more about explaining the truth to one’s own self than only letting people believe without them getting the truth stitched to their own hearts?


          1. In our times the stitching thing is impossible all the talk about relativity of beliefs and entitlement to one’s own opinions but yes belief in God isn’t a simple thing it has to come from within and even on a personal level it’s constantly in flux. 🙂


  2. If I may add a quote:

    A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.

    ~ C. S. Lewis

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