Andaaz e Bayaan #7. Woh shakhs kya sochta hoga

And here is the Urdu Version Woh shakhs kya sochta hoga_Main sochta hun kabhi-kabhi Woh kisse mujhe puchhta hoga_Main sochta hun kabhi-kabhi Mujhse khwabo.n mein milne ki chaahat_Usay jagaaye rakhti hoti Woh kaise raato.n ko sota hoga_Main sochta hun kabhi-kabhi Woh bhi shayad namaazo.n mein_Rota hoga raato.n ko Kaash iss dil ke bhi aansuu hote_Main … More Andaaz e Bayaan #7. Woh shakhs kya sochta hoga

Meanwhile in Syria…

Originally posted on Sincerely Sadia. :
Recently, many regions of Syria (Aleppo in particular) have been subjected to mass airstrikes and bombing- a furious war between extremists, rebels and Western interveners claiming to be carrying out their innate responsibility of “defending democracy”. Caught between the crossfire are little children who once lead ordinary lives, going to…

Feels of My Soul

And unlike many other people in this world. I am still awake by this part of the night bewildered and baffled by the numerous mystified ‘ifs’ and ‘whys’ to comfort my dismayed soul. I am not sad upon why the other multitudes are gathering their conscience in their sleep. I don’t even care about being … More Feels of My Soul

Feels of My Eyes

The way those eyes look I am constantly trying to act very gentle without the use of emoticons. I try my hardest to lubricate innocence from my eyes and end up batting the corner of my eyes to people with a draining look. Sometimes I am a begone narcissist. And until today, even I have not … More Feels of My Eyes

Feels of My Instinct

There’s a reason my instinct never allows my heart to feel low about things that ain’t true. There’s a reason why I feel too much. I want to feel that feeling of being loved, being desired and beyond all the circumstantial feelings of this tryst between us, I want someone to look into the corneal … More Feels of My Instinct